Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Sometimes the decision to end a relationship with your cell phone provider can be a lot like ending a relationship with a boyfriend.   My daughter spent an entire weekend fretting over whether to end her relationship with Verizon and switch to AT&T.  She said it felt like she was dumping a sweet, dependable boyfriend for a hotter, hipper bad boy.  In this case, the bad boy’s name is iPhone. She went back and forth for two days trying to justify her reasons for leaving Verizon.  Her arguments went from “Verizon can’t give me what I want” to “maybe I should wait”  to “I’ve made up my mind, I’m ending it.”  She even went so far as to call Verizon to see if they would be willing to work things out by offering her something more and, if not, how much the break up would cost her.    

By Monday morning, the decision was made.  The lure of the iPhone’s coolness and endless apps (as opposed to abs) was just more than she could resist, so into the iPhone’s house she marched.  Right from the start she stated very clearly what she wanted.  She let it be known that she had already spoken to friends who had given her the scoop and knew what to look out for.  Despite the flaws, she was willing to commit.  Once properly introduced to the iPhone, she never looked back toward the Verizon (ha!) she was leaving behind.  She could not wait to get home and begin learning all the incredible things iPhone had to offer.  The two of them spent hours together.  It was a lot like the period in a new relationship when everything is fresh and exciting and your rose-colored-glasses still have tint to them.

At one point the iPhone and I were alone.  My curiosity got the better of me and I had to see for myself what all the fuss was about.   I soon discovered, among many impressive things, I could play Skee-Ball (which I love) or simply shake it to find a restaurant.   In an instant, my cute, loyal phone that I really love just didn’t seem all that exciting anymore!!

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