It’s Not Just for Pets Anymore

I worry about my husband.  He is handsome, smart, articulate, creative,  a great father and husband, yet I worry.  Given the qualities he possesses you may wonder what I could possibly be worried about.  Well, I’ll tell you.  Over the past 27 years of our marriage, he has done some wacky things.  Our children find his antics amusing and entertaining.  I, however, find him less amusing and can only shake my head and ask why when he does these things.

On more than one occasion, my husband has sampled dog food; not the canned variety but the dry kibbles.  (Shake head and ask why here).  He has also tried various types of dog treats from Milk Bones to the gourmet kind you buy at the pet store.  When asked why he is munching on the dog’s kibbles and treats, he simply replies he is curious as to what our dog finds so appealing and appetizing.  He will go on to tell me or anyone who asks that he just wants to know what they taste like.   His pet food taste tests have revealed that both treats and kibble taste “bland.”  The dog food/treat tasting tie-in perfectly and lead me into his most recent shenanigans.

Sunday evening, my husband, the children and I went out for dinner.  While waiting for our orders to arrive, hubby asked me and the kids how his hair looked.  Although we thought this was an odd question coming from him, as he normally does not ask this type of thing, we played along telling him his hair looked fine. “Yes, but does it look clean and shiny?” he asked pointing to his head.  Seeing as how his hair did look clean and somewhat shiny, we told him that indeed it did.  It was at this point that the father of my children announced quite proudly that he had used the new bottle of John Paul’s Waterless Foam Shampoo for PETS on his hair!!

My oldest daughter the hairstylist gasped in disbelief while my younger children laughed out loud.  Me?  Well, as usual, I shook my head and said “That’s the dog’s shampoo.  Why on earth would you use that on your hair?” Laughing, he replied, “Well, it obviously worked.  You just said my hair looks clean and shiny.” Like I said, I really worry about this man I married all those years ago, but he certainly does keep things interesting.

When we returned home from dinner, I located the bottle of pet shampoo to photograph it for this post.  As I read over the label I noticed right on the bottom in bold letters “Tested on Humans First.” Hmm, maybe my husband should market his services to the John Paul Pet testing laboratory.  I think he’d make an excellent product tester.  Woof!

Do you have a spouse or significant other you worry about?  If so, please share.  I need to know I’m not alone.

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