Lookin’ all Halle Berry-ish and thangs

Christmas morning I opened a gift from my daughter, who is a hair stylist.  Inside was a box containing shampoo and conditioner.  Under normal circumstances, if someone had gifted me shampoo, I would have been offended and, quite frankly, pissed off.  In this instance, that was not the case and I was thrilled!   This was no ordinary shampoo/conditioner, my friends.  It was Shu Uemura Full Shimmer Shampoo and Conditioner, or as I like to call it “hair crack.”  Now I call it “hair crack” because when I found out the price my reply was, “for that price it better have crack in it” (well, that and the fact that I cannot pronounce the word “Uemura” correctly).  I knew I would never be able to justify spending that kind of money on hair products, so, yes, I was thrilled to receive it as a gift.  It doesn’t take a lot to make mama happy.

While, for my budget, the shampoo and conditioner are a little pricy (retailing at about $100 for the set), I am here to testify it is worth every single penny, in my opinion.  This is a huge endorsement coming from someone who does not have a problem purchasing and using much less expensive store brands.  I never really believed that a shampoo could make that big of a difference.  I was WRONG!  I am an esthetic buyer (a marketers dream), so the first thing that struck me about the product was the packaging.  The bottles are beautifully colored, sexy and sleek.  From the packaging alone,  you just know there must be something wonderful inside.  You are not disappointed.  However, the packaging cannot compare to what it does to your hair.  I was amazed at how beautiful my hair looked after I washed, conditioned and styled it.  My hair shined and glistened, it was manageable (no fly-away or frizz on this day) and so smooth and silky I couldn’t stop touching it!  While it did not make me look like Halle Berry (oh, if only), it sure made my hair look as beautiful as Halle Berry is!

Now this is not a product I leave sitting on the edge of the tub for all to use.  No, way.  In my house we go through shampoo at lightning speed.  I hide my lovely red bottles only taking them out when my hair has left me no alternative but to break down and use my hair crack.  I use it sparingly because I do not want to run out.  I am going to start hinting about it now as a gift suggestion for Mother’s Day, birthday and Christmas this year.  If you really want a treat, you could try the Shu Uemura Beauty Ceremony inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony.  It moisturizes and revitalizes your scalp and comes complete with a Shiatsu inspired head massage.  Now that’s a gift worth giving and receiving (hint, hint).

If you are in the Atlanta area and want to purchase Shu Uemura products or experience the Shu Uemura Beauty Ceremony , call my girl and she’ll hook you up…Kailey Michelle at Muse Salon and Spa, 678-393-2214.  If she is super busy and can’t fit you in due to the success of this blog (yes, I will shamelessly take partial credit for her success), the other talented stylists at Muse can help you out.  Before long you, too, can be “lookin’ all Halle Berry-ish and thangs!”

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