Say Hello to My Friends

Happy Saturday!  Today, I want to share two of my friends and blogging buddies with you; one you’ve met here on my blog and the other is a new friend and blogger.  I invite you to hop on over to their respective blogs and say hello.  Once you do, I know you will love them as much as I do.

First is my friend Heidi from “Falling Down the Rabbit Hole”.  Many of you will remember Heidi from her great guest posts here on Simply Diane.  After a year’s hiatus, Heidi has resumed posting on her blog (yay!)  Check out her post Sing It Loud, Sing It Proud where she shares how we express joy in different ways; some a little more loudly than others!

Next is my new friend Debbie over at “Hippie Chick Chronicles” .  I met Debbie just last week through Heidi and, boy, am I glad I did.  Debbie is Southern girl, like myself, with a lot of great family stories to share.  Debbie has a great post titled  They Are All Nice Til You Marry Them, which offers some sage dating advice for our teen daughters.

Wishing you a peaceful, fun-filled Saturday and a glorious weekend!

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